Child & Teen Therapy

Child & Teen Therapy is designed to meet the needs of a specific age group. Treatment is based on understanding the challenges faced by youth today. Common issues faced by youth addressed in therapy include isolation, self-esteem, bullying, developmental delays, cutting, poor eating patterns, and many other areas. A trained therapist will help your child identify what problems are affecting them and help them develop necessary coping skills to overcome problem areas.  

Sessions are 60 minutes in length. Sessions begin with the client only and can include mini sessions at the end with guardian alone or with both guardian and child present. Treatment is designed to help youth mitigate barriers to success. The first session consists of the therapist evaluating developmental needs and problem areas. The therapist works alongside your child to create an individualized treatment plan to address these issues. The therapist takes a collaborative approach to help your child develop necessary social skills and the necessary emotional intelligence to thrive.  

Schedule your first appointment and complete an initial evaluation! 

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