Behavioral Health Rehabilitation

Behavioral Health Rehabilitation (referred to as rehab) consists of individual or group sessions with a trained rehab specialist. Rehab can be used to address issues such as substance use, trauma, unhealthy thought patterns, lack of coping skills, and much more. In session you will work with a provider to actively practice techniques to overcome problem areas. The purpose of sessions is to establish techniques that can be utilized outside of treatment to prevent relapse or digression. Rehab can also be used as a tool for aiding development with youth that have fallen behind.  

Sessions are typically one hour in length. For individual rehab sessions clients only are present in session. Individualized treatment plans are developed with client to identify goals and objectives for session. Evidence-based treatment methods are utilized along with personalized curriculum to meet goals outlined.  

Schedule your first appointment to complete an individualized plan for treatment today!  

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 For more infomration on our group rehab options see our groups page.